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Bug fixes


Thanks for putting so much effort into this project. I can see there has been no activity for a couple of years which may indicate you no longer have any interest in it. I've taken your code and ported it to PHP and in doing this I've had to learn the source line by line.

As you might expect this has thrown up one or two issues which I will be happy to report if you have any interest. For example, the project fails the conformance suite test /MinimalConformance/Expressions/PathExpr/PathExpr-1 which tests the query "fn:count($input-context[5 * /])" which is a valid XPath 2.0 query but which does not match the grammar defined for the YACC processor. The query fails because the code does not recognize the end of the filter expression. The tokenizer expects to be in the operator state by the time the closing ']' is processed but after the '/' the tokenizer is in the default state.

Anyway this is an example, let me know if it's worth reporting these issues and potential fixes.


stefh wrote Nov 21 at 8:46 PM

Hello @bseddon. I've moved this project to github :

Please take a look and verify that the same issue is still there?